Arbitrum Foundation Pledges New Votes, No ‘Near-Term” ARB Sales Amid Community Revolt

The Arbitrum Foundation issued a mea culpa after its contentious premiere governance vote backfired.Source

USDC’s Depeg Laid Bare the Risks Traditional Finance Poses to Stablecoins

A Moody’s analyst examines how the recent banking crisis spilled into crypto, and why alternatives to stablecoins like tokenized bank deposits and CBDCs may be needed to prevent contagion.Source

Arbitrum Foundation Sold ARB Tokens Ahead of ‘Ratification’ Vote; ARB Falls

Arbitrum Foundation would be “severely damaged” without blank check grantmaking powers, according to a blog post.Source

Arbitrum’s First Governance Proposal Turns Messy With $1B ARB Tokens at Stake

The Arbitrum Foundation would get to side step community governance when issuing “special grants.”Source

U.S. Government Case Against Voyager-Binance.US Deal Has ‘Substantial’ Merits, Judge Says

District Judge Jennifer Rearden put the $1 billion deal on hold but said she’d expedite an appeal to avoid too much delaySource