As Sam Bankman-Fried Fraud Trial Nears Close, a Terse Judge Sets Jury Instructions

Bankman-Fried completed his testimony Tuesday, concluding the presentation of evidence from both sides in the Justice Department’s case against the FTX founder.Source

Bitcoin Saw 27% October Surge as Traders ‘Panic Bought’ Amid Bitcoin ETF Enthusiasm. Is $40,000 Next?

The boredom ended in October as cryptocurrency prices zoomed higher, with the biggest of them all, bitcoin [BTC], posting the strongest monthly rally since January as investors were abuzz with optimism that bitcoin ETFs will soon get approved in the U.S.Source

AI-Related Tokens Stumble After White House Executive Order

Issued Monday, President Biden’s executive order is aimed at potential threats posed by artificial intelligence, but critics of the White House action wonder if innovation could be stifled.Source

15 Years After the Bitcoin White Paper, Bitcoin Builder Culture Flourishes


U.S. SEC Messed Up in Handling Contentious Crypto Accounting Bulletin: GAO

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was out of bounds when it issued its controversial “Staff Accounting Bulletin 121,” according to the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The 2022 guidance, which the industry says threatens crypto investors’ ability to find safe harbors for their assets, should have been treated as a formal rule, the GAO concluded in a report issued on Tuesday.Source

Circle Curbs Stablecoin Minting for Retail Users, Moving Closer to Tether’s Practice

USDC issuer Circle Internet Financial said it is curbing support for individual consumer accounts to mint stablecoins, with currently only accepting qualified institutional clients.Source

The NFT Market Has Crashed. What Should Artists Do Now?


Unibot Token Hurtles 25% as Telegram Bot Exploited for $630K

Unibot confirmed on X that it had suffered a token approval exploit in its new order router.Source

Bitcoin Holds Steady Above $34K After Hawkish BOJ Decision

The BOJ’s yield curve control program has been a major source of liquidity for financial markets since 2016. Early Tuesday, the bank tweak the curve control program in what appears to be a stealth hawkish move.Source

Sam Bankman-Fried’s Defense Team Makes Last-Ditch Bid to Get ‘English Law’ Detail in Jury Instructions

A set of filings from Sam Bankman-Fried’s defense team late Monday shows his attorneys still hope to clarify that English law governed FTX’s terms of service – which may have implications on the fraud charges.Source