Protocol Village: Horizen Team Deploys Proof Verification Chain to Testnet

The latest in blockchain tech upgrades, funding announcements and deals. For the period of March 28-April 3.Source

Custodia Bank Loses Lawsuit Challenging Fed Rejection of Master Account Application

A federal judge ruled that Custodia Bank, a Wyoming special-purpose depository institution, isn’t entitled to membership in the Federal Reserve or to a Fed master account.Source

Binance Executives File Suit Against Nigeria: Local Media

The two Binance executives held in Nigeria after being invited for consultations filed suit against two government agencies for allegedly violating their human rights.Source

Solana Foundation Says It Can Filter Through the Offensive Meme Coin Problem

Panelists at a BUIDL Asia summit said racist meme coins can be handled with a light touch.Source

Craig Wright Assets Frozen by UK Judge to Prevent Him Evading Court Costs

Judge James Mellor found earlier this month that Wright was not, as he’d claimed, Bitcoin inventor Satoshi NakomotoSource

SBF Is Going to Prison for 25 Years

Sam Bankman-Fried is going to prison. He won’t be spending time in a maximum security facility, and he’ll be placed as close to his family in the San Francisco Bay Area as possible, but he’s going to prison nonetheless – and he’ll be there for the next 25 years.Source

Dogwifhat Becomes Third-Largest Meme Coin as Bitcoin Clings to $70K

WIF touched the $4 mark early Friday before retreating as the meme coin sector showed the most volatility in a little-changed market.Source

Call of Duty Cheaters Allegedly Lose Their Bitcoin as Hackers Target Gamers With Malware

The malware has already impacted hundreds of thousands of players and the numbers are still growing, as per malware market informer @vxunderground.Source

Ethena’s Prelaunch Futures Surge 22% as ENA Token Is Set to Go Live Next Week

The price surge implied that the token could debut with a market cap of over $500 million.Source