CoinDesk Mothballs DESK Reward Token Program

It was an experiment in driving community engagement, and we’re leaving the door open to relaunching DESK or something similar in the future.Source

JUP Token Soars After Massive $700M Jupiter Airdrop to Solana Wallets

Validators called the airdrop a success. “Surprisingly, nothing notable” broke, one operator said.Source

From Speculation to Fundamentals: A New Paradigm for Crypto Markets

New markets take time to mature and crypto is no different. The next stage will see more attention given to fundamental metrics and better data will drive the change, says Michael Nadeau, founder of The DeFi Report.Source

How the Launch of Spot ETFs Could Dampen Bitcoin’s Volatility

The approval of a wave of bitcoin exchange-traded funds will lead to a more mature market structure, say Vivek Chauhan and David Lawant, of FalconX.Source

Chris Dixon Talks Techno-Optimism, Permissionless Innovation and the Need for Crypto

The renowned a16z VC talks to Daniel Kuhn about his new book, “Read Write Own: Building the Next Era of the Internet.”Source

FTX Expects to Fully Repay Customers but Won’t Restart Defunct Crypto Exchange

Its FTT token surged nearly 11% after the news.Source

Tether Reports Record $2.85B Profit as Biggest Stablecoin Nears $100B Market Cap

The USDT stablecoin issuer held over $5.4 billion in excess reserves as of 2023 year-end, according to its latest attestation.Source

Global X Pulls Out of Spot Bitcoin ETF Application

Global X, one of the former contenders for a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), has withdrawn its application, according to a Jan 30 notice from Cboe BZX Exchange, which could have listed the fund.Source

Labour Wants UK to Be a Securities Tokenization Hub and Advance Digital Pound Work

The opposition party leads the polls in what’s likely to be an election year.Source

UK Police Seize Nearly $1.8B of Bitcoin From Investment Fraud in China: FT

A London court heard of the seizure Tuesday as part of the trial of Jian Wen, who is accused of laundering bitcoin on behalf of her former employer, Yadi Zhang, FT reported.Source