DeSantis Accuses Biden of ‘War on Bitcoin,’ Vows to Stop It if Elected President

Presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) called out the Biden Administration for its “war” on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and said that he will end it should he become President.Source

As Litecoin Halving Approaches, Founder Touts Silver Collector Cards Loaded With ‘Digital Silver’

Litecoin’s third “halving event” – a programmed 50% reduction in the pace of new issuance of the cryptocurrency – is expected on Wednesday.Source

Bitcoin Taught Me a Valuable Lesson at Austin’s Airport


Curve Debacle Triggers Transaction Frenzy, Sending Ethereum ‘MEV’ Rewards to Record High

On July 30, over 6,000 ETH ($11M worth) in so-called Maximal Extractable Value rewards were paid out to Ethereum validators, the most ever for a single day.Source

Digital Currency Group Appoints Mark Shifke as Chief Financial Officer

Shifke fills the gap left when Michael Kraines stepped down as CFO in April.Source

After the Curve Attack: What’s Next for DeFi?

The $70 million weekend exploit of major platforms, including Curve, come at a time when developers are discussing changes to the prevailing AMM liquidity model.Source

DCG Says It Sees Resolving Genesis Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Soon

Digital Currency Group comments on the restructuring in an investor letter.Source

Pass the Stablecoin Bill Now

The choice isn’t stablecoins vs no stablecoins. It’s between regulated products with low fees that protect consumers, and offshore assets with low transparency and no oversight, says Austin Campbell.Source

DYdX Proposal to Slash Token Issuance Wins Early Support

In theory, this could boost the price of DYDX, based on the basics of supply and demand.Source

Coinbase’s New Base Blockchain Gobbled Up $68M in Ether, and It’s Not Even Officially Live Yet

Meme coin BALD’s 4,000,000% surge seemed to spark the huge inflows to the nascent crypto bridge.Source