The Crypto Industry’s New Favorite Punching Bag – Prometheum – Asks for a Chance

No new crypto rules are needed, said Aaron Kaplan, co-CEO of Prometheum Inc., and his company means to demonstrate it – even as the issuers whose tokens it seeks to trade say no thanks.Source

Investor Enthusiasm for Coinbase Shares May Prove Short-Lived: Berenberg

The crypto exchange is faced with several risks that could trigger a reversal of the stock’s recent gains, the report said.Source

Bitcoin Steady Near $31K After Options Expiry; Dollar Index Rises Before Key U.S. Inflation Data

With the expiry done, the supposed price magnet at $26,500 from the max pain point is gone and prices could resume the upward journey, a common pattern during the bull market days of 2021.Source

New Zealand Is Not Exploring Crypto Regulation, but Recommends Increased Vigilance

After receiving 50 submissions as part of a consultation process, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) has said it won’t propose a regulatory approach towards stablecoins and crypto-assets.Source

Binance’s Institutional Clients Remain Optimistic on Crypto Amid Tough Market

63.5% of respondents said they are positive on the outlook of crypto for the next year and 88% said they are optimistic for the next decade, according to a recent survey by the exchange.Source

Bitcoin Cash Tops $300 as South Korean Trading Volumes Surge

The bitcoin cash-Korean won (BCH/KRW) pair listed on Upbit has registered a trading volume of $557.63 million in the past 24 hours. That’s nearly 3.5 timesSource

SEC vs Coinbase Case Set for July 13 After Exchange’s ‘Creative’ Opening Response

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will present its response to Coinbase’s first legal defense, filed Thursday, on July 13, the court has ordered.Source

First Mover Asia: Large Bitcoin Holders Content to Hold Long Positions Amid Regulatory Turmoil

ALSO: Bitcoin holds steady near $30.4K – unstirred by Fidelity’s filing for a spot bitcoin ETF and unexpectedly strong U.S. jobs and productivity data.Source

U.S. Investors Are Driving Bitcoin’s Price Surge as Institutional Demand Rises

BTC price gains and trading activity have mostly concentrated during U.S. market hours, according to K33 Research.Source

6 Factors Advisors Should Consider Before Using an SMA for Digital Assets

Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) are a good way for FAs to manage digital assets, but advisors should fully understand the trade-offs.Source