Argentina’s Milei Proposes Incentives for Declaring Domestic, Foreign Crypto Holdings in Draft Bill

Crypto is captured in an asset-regularization regime included in a wide-ranging bill that’s facing mounting backlash from citizens.Source

First Mover Americas: MicroStrategy Buys More BTC and ARK Invest Buys BITO

The latest price moves in bitcoin [BTC] and crypto markets in context for Dec. 28, 2023. First Mover is CoinDesk’s daily newsletter that contextualizes the latest actions in the crypto markets.Source

A Record $11B Crypto Options Expiry Looms as BTC Shows Little Volatility

The expiry is Deribit’s largest so far and a record of almost $5 billion of options will expire in the money.Source

Blast Hits $1.1B in Deposits More Than a Month Before It’s Due to Go Live

Depositors will receive an airdrop that can be redeemed in May 2024.Source

Cathie Wood’s ARK Invests in ProShares Bitcoin ETF After Dumping Grayscale Holdings

The investment fund bought $9.2 million worth of BITO shares while selling $27.6 million worth of COIN.Source

Indonesian Crypto Exchanges Must Register With New Bourse or Face Shutdown

The government wants to use the crypto bourse to make the ecosystem safer and gather transaction data for tax purposes.Source

PancakeSwap Proposes to Reduce CAKE Token Supply by 300 Million

More than 99.95% of the community, representing 70,000 votes from CAKE holders, favored the proposal shortly after it went live.Source

Crypto Wallet Linked to Donald Trump Sent $2.4M in Ether to Coinbase

A wallet flagged as owned by Trump sent ETH to Coinbase in the past three weeks, where it was presumably sold.Source

Stock of Bitcoin’s Biggest Public Holder Is Overvalued by 26%, Analyst Who Predicted BTC Rally Says

Early investors in MSTR can consider taking profit as shares appear overvalued and could fall by 20%, according to 10x Research.Source

Solana’s Scorching Rally Shows Ethereum Has a Serious Competitor